Sunday, June 26, 2011

Songs for the Rains

There is something about rains – it brings out the yearnings for hot pakoras and adrak-wali-chai. It makes its own music – the soft patter of drizzle and the hard drum of a heavy shower on the roof. The deep bass of thunder rolling somewhere deep within the heavens and the streaks of purple brightening the grey skies. And sometimes, the music of the rains needs accompaniment by the songs of our heart:

  •  Aapki aankhon mein (Film: Ghar):  When you sit in the balcony, listening to the winds chime as the rain turns an early evening pearly, the strains of this song come floating to you. Beautiful lyrics, sung with so much love. Aapki aankhon mein kuch mehke hue se raaz hain / aapse bhi khoobsurat aapke andaz hai (Your eyes hide some fragrant secrets and more your nature / style is more beautiful than you are – the English translation just doesn’t stir the same feelings). And as the song progresses, you sigh dreamily and it teases a soft smile from you.
  • Rimjhim runjhun (Film: 1942 – A Love Story): Lot of people feel that R.D. Burman’s last movie as music director is perhaps one of his best. While the album consists of more famous Ek ladki ko dekha  and Kuch na kaho, when it rains, the song which comes to mind is the equally melodious Rimjhim rimjhim, runjhun runjhun. The song captures the sound of rain and the joy of lovers sharing that music.
  • I need you now (Artist: Lady Antebellum): Rain drums hard on the tin roof, venting some unknown passions buried deep in its heart as the world around sleeps or tries to sleep. You stand next to window watching the storm lash the trees, batter the vulnerable buds from the branches. You are both awed and intrigued by this display of raw power, as if someone up there deeply needs something or someone. Lady Antebellum’s beautiful song suits such weather perfectly. The lyric sings of a need that cannot be controlled. It’s a quarter after one, I am alone and I need you now. Said I wouldn’t call but I have lost all control and I need you now. Perfect.
  • Bheegi bheegi raton mein  and Kabhi toh nazar milao (Artist: Adnan Sami):  The Pakistani singer’s debut album in India was everything a romantic heart could wish for. Especially the first two songs. Kabhi toh nazar milao – a duet sung by Sami and the inimitable Asha Bhonsle ­– is just right for the rainy afternoons when you are all snug and warm in your bed and a tad restless for some unknown horizon. Bheegi bheegi raton mein is the song for the people who have loved and lost and the rainy night makes the ache a little deeper, a little more al
  • Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si (Film: Chalti ka Naam Gaadi): This old song from a black and white movie is such a timeless blend of mischief and flirtation, wonderful vocals and great picturization. Sample the lyrics: Tan bheega hai, sar geela hai / Uska ka koi pench bhi dheela hai (the second line hints at mental instability of the girl, bedraggled and wet). You have to see the song to understand the warm chemistry between two unlikely stars – goofy Kishore Kumar and the ethereally beautiful Madhubala. The latter plays a rich girl who has had a car breakdown on a rainy night and Kumar the mechanic who is repairing it. It’s funny and it’s endearing.

These are my personal favourites. Would love to hear about yours. Ciao.
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  1. My favourite favourite favourite rain song is.. rimjhim gire saawan from the movie Manzil, both girl and guy versions. And also tum jo mil gaye ho.. though its not about rain, there is thunderstorm in the background or sounds like it anyway!!!! Actually any of the old RD Burman songs would be good.. Badi sooni sooni hai, songs from ijazat or masoom (do naina).. actually change that to, any old hindi movie music.. beqraar karke hume yoon na jayeye.. Its really really really nice to sit in the balcony.. have tea and listen to such music. Heaven.

    And among the new ones .. behta hai mann kabhie, kahan jaanti nahi.. from Chameli.

  2. @ Moonshine: Lovely songs all those you mention. I think for rains you don't need just songs that mention rain - they have to go with the mood. And as I hum the bars of the songs that you mentioned, I think that they fit perfectly