Thursday, December 29, 2011

An Obligatory Post

Me leaving footprints behind captured by Supernova
It’s the end of the year. Seriously, I don’t know where the year went. I say it every year like almost all of you but this year it is truly true. I swear. Most of it went into the gaping maws of absolutely murderous work schedule and in all my years of working, this is probably the worst. Not because of the work per se but the sheer quantum. I wished for ten more hands, three more brains and twelve more hours in a day.

I am not too much into New Year Resolutions. I never was actually. I can never decide what should I resolve that I could keep. Because it is a promise. And breaking a promise is a little like breaking a heart. Especially when the promise is to yourself.

But I did always expect that I would feel different on the stroke of midnight every 31st December. As if I would be new. Or my life would be new. As a kid, I expected some kind of magic, a swishing of wand or fairy dust or simply waking up to a new dream. Even through my teenage years as I developed that oh-i-am-grown-up-and-therefore-world-weary air, I still secretly hoped for something new and bright to light up the rest of the year. And I think in some secret part of my weary soul, I still cherish that hope.

To return to the dying year on hand and to be fair to it, 2011 did have its moments:
  •  Leaving my footprints in the sand at a Puri beach as I walked towards some unknown beacon
  •  India winning World Cup. It was ours. Not my dad’s generation’s.
  •  The big family reunion and the madness and fun at Agra
  •  The sheer beauty of a misty dawn at Jim Corbett National Park, as we went on a tiger’s trail in an open jeep across a river and saw Bambi instead
  • The rolling greens and the tall pine woods of a magical Ranikhet. Here I found the peace and the quiet joy I craved for
  • Trip to Latin America. The sight of snow-covered Andes from a plane window. Meandering through the streets of Santiago. Sunday market at Bogota. And an underground wishing well.
  • My first Diwali without amma. It felt a little unreal.
  • My first trip to London. A lot of mad, mad work and then the exploration and walking and the cold. The history and the mall. And a hope for return.
  • Lovely Christmas weekend. Walking through an enchanting Park Street. Santa Clauses beaming from all directions. A canopy of lights to walk under. The infectious joy on the roads. The fun lunch with old friends. The memories and the jokes. Priceless.

I hope that 2012 would also bring such moments for me. Some big. Some small. A forget-me-not a day would suit me just fine.

I hope that 2012 also brings you loads of moments that fill you with happiness and make you feel alive. All the new that you want and all the old that you need. Happy New Year.


  1. Happy New year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I am sure you will have an even more exciting 2012.. in terms of travel, reading, blogging.. and all that you like doing! :)

  2. Thanks Moonshine. and i hope that all your new beginnings in 2012 would bring you bundles of joy :-)

  3. Sometimes the smallest things leave the biggest impression...hope you have a joyful & peaceful New Year.
    And did you know you should give credit for photographs that you use on your blog? ;)

  4. @ Supernova: Thanks. And yes, I know. So, thank you Ms. Supernova for that pic :-)

  5. Here's to many more trips to exotic destinations in 2012! How does Machu Pichu or the Amazon sound? :)

  6. @ Scarlett: Thanks. Machu Pichu sounds amazing! I shall keep my fingers crossed :-)