Saturday, July 2, 2011

Awesome Saturdays

Today’s a Saturday. Normally I sleep late on Saturdays but today I got up fairly early by my standards. And guess what? I am still feeling quite perky. That is next to impossible on any other days. So, this must be the Saturday effect.

I love Saturdays. Honestly, how can you not? The weekend is fresh, new and shiny. Like leaves after rains. Full of so many possibilities. Movies, lunch with friends. Shopping for something totally unnecessary. Glorious lazing and couch potato-hood. Gorging and binging on decidedly unhealthy stuff.  And sometimes the occasionally useful stuff like cleaning the room. You can do as you choose with it.

And you know what the best part is? You still have another day of no work to look forward to.
So, does that make Sunday as great as Saturday? I say not. See, Sunday is a precursor to Monday blues. You know that weekend is practically over and the long work-week looms large. Sunday evenings are in fact the worst. One short night and it’s all over. Another weekend disappears in the maws of the new week.

That is why on Sundays, I prefer not doing anything. Just stay at home and brood over the unfairness of Mondays in general. See? The mere mention of Sundays and its bosom buddy has turned my chirpy post into an almost melancholy litany.

Let’s get back to Saturday awesomeness. So, what are you planning on doing today? Me – I am still pondering the possibilities. I am vaguely nourishing the thought of catching Delhi Belly in a theatre very close to my home, late in the evening. I am also mentally making a list of pros and cons of using the afternoon / early evening to set my dresser right. Pros are obvious. But the con is bigger. It will eat into my don’t-feel-like-doing-anything mood. Decisions. Decisions. I am currently reading Golding’s Lord of the Flies. I might also add Austen re-reading to my current book mix. But which one? I am leaning towards Darcy big-time. It is hard not to. So, Pride & Prejudice, it is likely to be.

I think I might cook also today. Miracles do happen, you know. But what is the question. Nothing too strenuous for sure.

Sigh. There are just so many choices. I am spoilt for them on a Saturday. While I mull over my options for the day, what are your Saturday plans? I hope that they are fun.



  1. I have been reading since morning. And after being online for a short time, I intend to read again and nap!!Nice saturday :)

  2. Saturdays are my favorite day of the week too, mostly b/c it's the beginning of the weekend and you know that an entire 2 days of non-work lie ahead of you. Saturdays to me mean possibilities!

    A friend of mine from Melbourne was visiting Sydney this weekend. We did the beach-drinking-dinner thing on Saturday. I got back home only on Sunday afternoon :D

  3. @ Scarlett: Sounds like you had loads of fun :-)
    I just lazed, read, watched two movies at home and considered the days a huge success :-)