Sunday, June 9, 2013


Once upon a time, there was a girl, barely ten years old, with delusions of grandeur. She thought that she could be a superwoman. She could decide how old she would stay all her life. She could win not one but several Nobel prizes. She could be a CEO, a celebrated author, a, acclaimed scientist – everybody rolled into one. And of course, she would be super-rich and all the people she loved would always be around and never, ever die.

As the girl grew older, her delusions began to fall aside, but slowly. Oh, so slowly. First went the ability to decide her age. Then, the gleaming Nobels. One by one, all of them left her, until just one remained.

But now the time has come to decide if it truly is a delusion or something real that could turn into a regret.

So, I have some decisions to take – not very difficult but not so easy either. That explains in part my absence, though not all of it. Work has been the usual culprit. I hope, however, that things would ease up a bit and I would have the time to choose the right path, even if it is less travelled by.


  1. At high school, I felt I was facing bewildering choices. Every door seemed open. Later, after leaving University, I was shocked one day to realise how many of those doors had silently slammed shut. I would never be a professional racing driver any more! Without realising it, my choices had constrained my future; some more than others.

    Even now there are a few doors still open, but what lies behind them seems less attractive than the way I am currently going. It's not looking good for me winning a Nobel prize any time soon either! Good luck with your choices!


    1. Thanks, Vivienne :-) I have realized winning Nobels is less important than having no regrets when it is time to go! But the non-Nobel wippnning decisions are not that easy either. But I am getting there :-) Hope those doors that have shut for you open again with choices that you never dreamed of. Glad you stopped by :-)