Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Love Story: Installment #2

Bluestocking's Note: To read the story so far altogether, click here

An year passed. The boy grew older but the road remained unfinished and the building still standing. To the boy, it was a miracle. A reaffirmation of his faith. That she – he now thought of the building as his sweetheart – was waiting for him. Like one of those princesses locked away in a tower. And now one of the trees lodged in her walls had sprouted flowers of a very common pink. Not particularly bright, given the dust that swirled in the city air. But he knew in his heart that the building was blooming for him, baring her beauty just for him.
And soon, he would be able to claim her.
Then one day, when he was on a lunch break, he saw commotion outside the building. He rushed to find out what the matter was. There was some sort of notice posted on the rotten main door of the building and all the residents seemed to be clustered around it. They sounded angry, indignant.
He tapped an elderly man closest to him. “What is the fuss all about?”
“This building”, replied the man, ”is to be demolished. We have been given a month’s notice to evacuate.” The man’s eyes were fixed somewhere far in the distance. He added with soft bitterness, “A new office building will be constructed here. For people smarter than us.”
The boy felt his heart break.

A month! What was he to do? How could he save her? How? How?

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