Monday, February 13, 2012


I read a Facebook status message about how sometimes you can only be a moment away from a windfall. It got me thinking on how true it can be. It all depends on what you think windfall is.

Windfall is returning home early unexpectedly. Like today.

Windfall is call from an unknown number. An old friend on other side. Like a few weeks back.

Windfall is finding that book you have been craving for. Like so many times.

Windfall is iPod playing a song to match your mood even on random play setting. Almost everyday.

Windfall is finding that exact shade of orange and blue and purple and pink and green to match or contrast with that exact dress shade.

Windfall is dreaming that beautiful dream and spending an idle day reliving it.

Windfall is finding that stack of old photographs to rekindle memories that lay dormant.

Windfall is the fragrance of wet earth and a cup of hot tea on the balcony.

Windfall is all of these. And sometimes a pot of gold at the end of rainbow,

Here’s wishing for yours. Cheers.

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