Friday, April 30, 2010


I believe in illogic. So....

I believe in magic. Of simple things like rain and winter sun. Like smiles and a single tear. But also the magic of grand things. Like love and passion. Like birth and life.

I believe in fairy tales and happy ever afters. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Alladin and Ali Baba. Beauty and the Beast. I believe they all once were.

I believe in here and now fairy tales too. Like friends and family members who found each other and are happy. Ever after? That would come too.

I believe in miracles. Of a forgotten song remembered on a Christmas eve. Of seeing a rainbow at cross roads. Of cheating death. Of living a life.

I believe in spells and love potions. I believe in elves and goblins. Dragons and knights.

I believe in Angels. And Lucifer too. Neither is white or black. Neither is grey. They are all full of swirling colours of human emotions and passions. Only the scale is grander.

I believe that there is a world beyond the clouds. There are castles in the air and that stars sing. I believe that the russet colours of a beautiful sunset bloom because somebody up there is very happy. It could be a sprite or an angel of Heaven.

And yes, I do believe there is a Heaven and a Hell.

I know they all are.

I believe in God. Trappings of religions are inconsequential. Just God. And not just the idea of Him. I know He is. And He does not need science to prove Him.

I believe that everything that I imagine is real.

I believe in the illogic of it all.

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