Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dear Child

Dear Child! Fly away
To a world of Fancy.
Dear Child! Dream away
And make the Fancy real.
Dear Child! Do not just scream
And do not just wail.
Dear Child! Open heart and mind,
To Love. Do not fail.
Dear Child! Let the Innocence be
And not be a Man –
‘Tis not yet time.
Dear Child! Grow beautiful
And grow strong.
Let breaking toys and knees scraped,
Be your greatest wrong.
Dear Child! Keep the Trust
And keep the Faith.
Earn the Trust precious
‘Tis not too late.
Dear Child! There’s war
And there’s carnage.
There’s Beauty and her Love,
In unnamed Bondage.
The war is yours to fight,
My Child dear!
But keep the soft, baby soft,
Naiveté and the Hope shining.
Be a Child now,
And a better Man perhaps,
Shall you be.
Dear Child! Think not
To a Utopia build.
But to live in this world
And with your Fancy gild.
And then let the Imp
Its magic work,
Till the Fantasy beautiful
Is oh-so-real.
Dear Child! Think not
Of these lines as a sermon.
Nor as the meanderings of a mind,
Not quite sane.
Dear Child! Think of these words
As a Plea and a Hope,
Of eyes growing weary and
Growing older still.
Dear Child! Say an Amen true,
And let your Fancy soar.

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