Friday, October 11, 2013

An Allegory

I stand.
With green arms outstretched,
Straining, forever straining,
To that blue sky, reach.
It pulled me out of slumber cozy,
When I in brown earth dwelt.
My mother's snug womb,
I left,
Drawn by the sky's sirensong:
Notes of pure air
And the chorus of dusk and dawn.
The lyrics of a day bright and
The symphony of moonlight.
I surged out of the earth pliant,
A vulnerable shoot green,
Yet determined and so sure, 
Oh so sure, to reach the sky,
My lover. My home.
So, I grow. And grow.
And forever strain,
With arms weighed
 By  leaves millions
And the bounty - 
Of fruits luscious and
Flowers tender - 
My gift to you, my sky.
Yet, ne'er do you bend,
To touch and caress, 
Except when your displeasure is a bolt,
Through my heart.
But enough!
No more shall I yearn.
And one day, proud sky,
You shall fall,
In million shards blue, 
Around me.
Yet, i will stand tall,
Untouched, unmoved.
Triumphant. Finally.

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