Saturday, November 10, 2012

All I Need are 13 Things

  1. World’s largest library.
  2. Great skin and hair with zero effort.
  3. A self-multiplying bank balance, or Scrooge McDuck’s fortune.
  4. Nail enamels that dry instantly and don’t chip.
  5. Sexy shoes that never bite.
  6. A private jet that I never have to pay for (a yacht along with the jet would be nice, but I am trying to be not too greedy).
  7. A snug, little cottage (with all modern amenities, of course) in the mountains.
  8. A fast car that drives itself and only needs air to run.
  9. Never needing to work, failing which, 5-day weekend and two days of work would suffice.
  10. Meet all my favourite book and movie characters.
  11. Weekdays to begin at 12 noon and end by 3 pm.
  12. A magic wand that does not require training at Hogwarts.
  13. And happiness for my friends and family!
Happy Diwali, folks.

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