Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wanted: A Dash of Pick-Me-Up

It’s been one of ‘em days, you know. A little frustrating. Almost no bright sparks. No major goof-ups or upsets but generally dissatisfying.  I could seriously use a pick-me-up.

But since I prefer the non-alcoholic variety, I thought, what the hell. Let me at least reach home before 9 so that I can at least catch today’s episode of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa on Sony. I managed. That cheered me some. Mads magic does that to me.

Any how, after that I started pondering on my unwinding options for the night. No Castle on Star World (that’s really sad!!! Especially now that there is actually something happening between Beckett and our “ruggedly handsome” novelist – that’s what Facebook tells me everyday). No book waiting for me since I have managed to read all the books that I had hoarded from my last couple of shopping expeditions. Except a Paulo Coelho which my sister had bought. And you know how I feel about him (no??? there is a post that I once did about things I dislike in books. His books suffer heavily from moralizing). I would read the book but not just now.

What next? For the lack of anything better, I opened Outlook, connected to the net and sent off a work-related mail. Then because I am anal about meeting deadlines, I worked some on a document that I could have finished at work tomorrow.

Yes, I know. I know. Stupid me. But you see I need to get rid of this niggling feeling of discontent that has followed me home. And since I am unable to escape into the beloved world of books or favourite television shows or even dream of the weekend, since it is so faraway, what’s a girl to do?

Any suggestions would be most welcome. I might not be able to use them tonight but the recipe for a good pick-me-up never goes waste. J

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