Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meanderings of an Occasional Insomniac

It is midnight. Witching hour, some say. Is it true? I wonder. It would definitely enliven this rather staid night. But then, I need help in sleeping and not staying up.

I cannot sleep because of the day’s hangover. And I am worrying about tomorrow. Yet another strike has been called – taxi strike this time, making reaching office tomorrow a really daunting task. I would not have minded bunking office, if I did not have work lined up. But more than that, I do not really want to waste my Casual Leaves because of a strike. I’d rather save them for more important occasions like festivals and family functions.

Coming back to my sleepless night. It is not that I have not tried to sleep. I switched off the light. I counted five hundred proverbial sheep. I tried to play really mind numbing games on my cell phone. Sleep still eludes.

So, I decided to write this rather boring blog entry in the dark confines of my room.

I do not have any particularly profound thoughts right now to put here. Just two and half thoughts that are ricocheting from one end to another of my brain and scaring sleep away. How come when you need to keep thoughts at bay that they come to plague you the most, depriving you of much needed shut-eye?

May be I should focus on the fluorescent stars of varying dimensions that adorn the transparent partition of my room. They glow in the dark, giving the impression that I am sleeping behind a curtain of stars. If I imagine hard enough, I can almost hear them sing and whisper. Their language is difficult to understand but that is of little consequence.

Or, I could day dream. Build little, improbable fantasies. Colour them in bold, bright colours of adventures and soft hues of fairytales. Create worlds of glens and meadows, cottages and castles, dragon sentries and unspeakable treasures. Visit all the places that are on my bucket list.

I could even make all my wishes. Who knows, the residual magic from the witching hour might bring them to life?


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  1. interesting thoughts from nowhere..quite nice! loved the last bit.